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Many of our customers come to us after finally realizing how important having an interactive web presence truly is. There’s no denying that your web site is an effective marketing tool that is mandatory seeing how modern customers are seeking and acquiring information.

At the same time, a fully integrated web site is almost not enough anymore. To truly appease customers these days, it’s important to have your services offered via a Smart phone or web application as well.

Your web site attracts visitors but when they convert to your customers the way they are going to utilize your services is via mobile apps, at least in some form. Believe it or not people do not want to click on an Internet shortcut and type in your web address anymore, they instead want to conveniently double-click an app from their home screen for access without having to muddle through the online garbage.

Why Provide an App?


It’s not too hard to predict that apps will become even more important than your company’s web site – and it might happen sooner than you think. While it’s easy to believe that only big businesses could benefit from providing their customers with a mobile app, that’s not true at all. Small businesses should seriously consider developing and providing apps ASAP at the very minimum for one specific reason – your competitors probably are.

But how do businesses really benefit from app development? The answer is customer engagement. Apps help develop your brand and mobile marketing will soon overshadow e-mail, direct-mail, and even social media marketing possibly combined. While your competitors are sending out a zingy tweet, your app has the ability to post a push button notification that is essentially a text message directly to a customer’s Smart phone.

Apps are money makers as well. In-app purchases are one source of revenue but you can also sell ads to partner companies or even make money in the app store from upgrades or premium purchases. The three biggest uses of applications are:

  • Branding
  • Generating Revenue
  • Providing Support and Engagement to Customers

If you think your business can benefit from any one of these three factors it’s time to talk about mobile app development.

App Development Tips


One thing Adwil Solutions always stresses when helping a customer build a brand is walking the fine line of moderation. Customers like being provided the option of utilizing a service like an app, they don’t want to be forced to do so. This is why it’s still important to develop the web site and browser experience as well.


It sounds like a buzzword in the modern marketing world but what we really are striving for is ‘synergy.’ For example we use marketing to drive people to a website where a cool logo and pleasant graphics put them at ease. They seek out the information and choose to do business with your company via the website but have the option of utilizing or expanding upon those services through an app.


These components are important on their own, but together they are magnificent.

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