Digital Marketing

Whether you’re talking about the digital age or decades ago one thing has remained constant when it comes to business – it doesn’t matter how good of a job you do if customers can’t find you. Back in the day that solution meant running print ads and even going door to door peddling your services. Today the way customers find you is with digital marketing. Many of our customers are realizing how worthy of an investment it is to develop an interacting web site. Your business web site provides information and can convert clicks into sales. Unfortunately without a proper digital marketing plan this high-quality moneymaker of a web site is going to sit dormant in the vast waste land that is the infinite Internet. With a great digital marketing strategy, that top notch web site can be attracting potential customers 24/7/365.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in a nutshell is reaching out to the billions of Internet users in any way possible.
It is a combination of methods that connects your business with the very people who are searching the web for that service (and some who aren’t).

Digital marketing is accomplished in the form of the following:


Search Engine Marketing

The prime real estate on the Internet is the top 4-5 links returned in a Google search query. By utilizing keywords and locations throughout your entire web site copy, you can organically be filtered to the top of those search results earning maximum online conversion.

YouTube / Video Marketing

Not necessarily buying YouTube ads (although that’s a possibility) but more along the lines of creating a YouTube channel that is essentially free commercials. You create a video that provides a service and viewers in turn come to you for more information.

Social Media Marketing

The people on your social media list aren’t just ‘followers’ or ‘friends’ they are potential customers. A delicate social media marketing approach offers promotions to the people on the list without them really even knowing they’re being advertised to.

Mobile Marketing

We’re not far from a time when 80% of consumers are going to do their shopping via a Smart phone so that area of marketing must not be overlooked. Buying ads in apps or developing an app for your company are only a couple of the ways to get in touch with potential mobile customers.

These are the current big four of digital marketing but it’s not only where you advertise your goods, it’s what you offer. This is why developing your brand strategy is the first crucial component of creating an elite online presence. Adwil not only specializes in creating your brand and getting the word out, we also fine tune the results by using analytics – another aspect of digital marketing. By looking at the numbers we can see where the visitors are coming from and what is leading to conversions. We can then either focus on expanding the successful area or bring the under-performing marketing strategies up to par.

We give you the car and supply the keys to your online success, but you do the driving.